Teachers Guide

The goal of Don’t Laugh at Me is to support a teacher or community member in creating a caring, compassionate, and cooperative classroom and school environment.  Since children learn by doing, this teacher’s guide focuses on giving children the experience of learning in a caring community- a classroom characterized by:

  • A healthy expression of feelings
  • Caring, compassion, and cooperation
  • The creative resolution of conflicts
  • An appreciation of differences

Click on the following to download the “Don’t Laugh at Me” Teachers Guide:

English Version

Ukrainian Version

Don’t Laugh at Me addresses issues of the heart, as well as the mind.  Through the song, CD, and video, the project harnesses the power of music and art to transform, inspire, and build skills in students.  The activities in this guide are designed to raise awareness, explore feelings, connect children to their inner selves and one another, provide important tools for you as a teacher, fulfill curriculum standards, and build essential skills.  Additionally, these activities will help you to empower your students to become important catalysts for change in your school and community, so that the circle of caring widens and an increasing number of children can share in the experience of a caring community.

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