OR in Ukraine

On December 15, 2010 Peter Yarrow of the influential American folk group Peter, Paul and Mary arrived in Ukraine to introduce his Anti-bullying program Operation Respect. Ten years ago, Peter Yarrow discovered a song written by Steve Seskin called “Don’t Laugh at Me.” The song became the centerpiece of a project called “Operation Respect: The Don’t Laugh at Me Program” (DLAM) comprising music, performance, professional development and classroom activities, the mission of which is to promote safe, caring, respectful environments for children and youth wherever they are. Peter and Mark Weiss, education director, have traveled the world with this project, and in December, they and their colleagues brought their expertise and energy to Ukraine offering a Training of Trainers workshop, music, and performance for Peace Corps Volunteers and the Ukrainian public.

The project offers a Teacher Guide with classroom or group activities for students to learn about expressing feelings, building a caring classroom climate, resolving conflict creatively, and understanding diversity. It is Operation Respect hope that Ukrainian teachers will be able to incorporate this perspective into their teaching. All lesson plans are now available in Ukrainian language and songs have been translated and recorded by Ukrainian musician Maria Burmaka. It is not more curriculum on their plates. It is, as Peter says, “the plate itself.” How we treat each other is a pre-requisite for learning.

To learn more about Operation Respect visit OperationRespect.org

In December of 2010 Peter Yarrow brought Operation Respect to Ukraine.